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Evaluating the Promise of DCIM

While DCIM is not a magic bullet, it does have the capability to give real-time insight into power, space, and cooling that helps you manage capacity, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. Emerson Network Power has evaluated the ​promise of DCIM and believes it can deliver real value to your data center in four key areas.

Is your Organization Ready?

DCIM is a business process, as much as a technology. As for any new process, it is important to have an internal plan which reflects your key business priorities, what you can expect from a DCIM implementation, and metrics for how to measure success.
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DCIM Vendor Rankings

The votes are in. See what the industry analysts are saying in their latest vendor comparison.

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ROI Calculator

Developed and verified by Forrester Consulting*, this tool captures costs and benefits data for calculating return on investment in DCIM solutions.

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DCIM Benefits Estimator

Get a high-level idea of the benefit areas and savings that may accrue by implementing a DCIM solution.