Islatrol Active Tracking Filters

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Active Tracking Filters™

Low-voltage noise is caused by everyday events such as turning on appliances or motors. Although less dramatic than high-voltage transients, the long-term effect of these frequent disturbances can be just as damaging. Filtering systems such as our Islatrol® Active Tracking Filters® provide clean AC power by eliminating lower-voltage noise and are ideally installed at specific branch panels or on individual pieces of equipment.

The plug-in construction makes these products ideal for easily protecting sensitive home or office equipment within harsh environments, including TVs, home theaters, satellite dishes, computers, printers, copiers, and fax machines.
Islatrol SP-6TVN
Islatrol LRIC+ Series 
Installing surge protection products at the electrical service entrance is an obvious place to start when needing power protection. However, in most cases, it’s not enough. Installing protection at distribution, branch panel boards, and specific sensitive loads or (Point of Use) equipment throughout your facility is the best way to prevent damage and eliminate associated downtime to sensitive microprocessor-based electronics.
Islatrol BC Series
Islatrol IC+ Series
Islatrol E Series
Islatrol IE Series
Islatrol INXT120NL000-1
A series of full-line high quality transient voltage surge protection devices especially designed to protect sensitive rack-mounted electronics. These compact units provide reliable protection from a broad range of power problems while typically using only 1U of rack space.
Islatrol RM Series