Liebert CRV, 19.6-40kW - Flexible In-Row Cooling for Small Data Centers or High Density


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Liebert CRV In Row Cooling System, 19.6-40kW​

Highly Flexible In-Row Cooling System​

The Liebert CRV system offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling with greater efficiency and capacity. The system is designed for small and medium data centers or higher density containment applications in large data centers.
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The Liebert CRV is a multi-option, precision data center cooling solution providing temperature and humidity control. It integrates within a row of data center racks, providing cooling close to the server heat source, for efficient and effective data center heat management. The system features Liebert iCOM™ controls and a digital scroll compressor, resulting in high reliability and optimized system performance. The horizontal airflow is suitable for raised or non-raised floors.

Liebert CRV uses environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant. For maximum application flexibility the row-based cooling system is available in multiple capacities and configurations:

  • 600mm wide: 20kW or 35kW air or water/glycol based,
    or 40kW chilled water-based cooling units.
  • 300mm wide: 19.6kW air cooled, or 30kW chilled water-based cooling units
  • Precision cooling and humidity control
  • Installs within the row of racks
  • Features variable speed EC plug fans and variable capacity digital scroll compressor
  • Operates efficiently with Liebert iCOM controls


  • Available in nominal capacities from 19.6kW to 40kW.
  • Automatically balances the airflow and cooling capacity independently based on the needs of the IT equipment.
  • Horizontal airflow cooling design is suitable for non-raised or raised floors.
  • Air, water, glycol and chilled water systems available.
  • Adjustable supply air baffles maximize cooling to rack equipment by avoiding the need to provide extra air that is lost to the room.
  • Caster mounted for easy placement.
  • Up to 10 racks with 20 sensors per cooling unit may be monitored to improve system performance and report rack temperatures.
  • Compatible with both Emerson Network Power SmartAisle™ infrastructure, and Aisle Containment system.


  • Wellness monitor alerts users in advance of potential issues.
  • Self-adapts to changing conditions to provide 24/7 precision environmental control: cooling, humidity control and air filtration.
  • Built for both ease of installation and speed of maintenance. All components are easily accessible from the front and rear of unit, eliminating side access.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Designed for higher return air temperature to maximize cooling capacity.
  • Easy to install and maintain – only front and back access required.
  • Digital scroll compressor and variable speed EC fans operate efficiently and provide a long service life.

Ideally Suited For

  • Small to medium-sized data centers.
  • Rows of racks in hot aisle / cold aisle configuration.
  • Supporting capacity of existing raised floor cooling units.
  • Rooms with a low ceiling where air cannot be ducted.
  • Rack equipment with high heat density, or a mix of densities.
  • Spot cooling in large data centers.
Technical Specifications

Liebert® CRV™ – Technical Data

Nominal Capacity 19.6kW 20kW 35kW
Air-cooled Air-cooled Air-cooled
Input Voltage​ 208-230V, 3ph,
208, 3ph,
208, 3ph,
460V, 3ph, 60z 460V, 3ph, 60z
400V, 3ph, 50Hz 400V, 3ph, 50Hz 400V, 3ph, 50Hz
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Digital Scroll, variable capacity 20-100%​
Fans Variable spee​d fans
Options Condensate Pump Condensate Pump Condensate Pump
Electric reheat Electric reheat
Humidification Humidification
Height 79in (2000mm) 79in (2000mm) 79in (2000mm)
Width 12in (300mm) 24in (600mm) 24in (600mm)
Depth 43in (1100mm) 43in (1100mm) 43in (1100mm)
Air-cooled 230lbs (507kg) 744lbs (337kg) 811lbs (368kg)
Water/Glycol 778lbs (353kg) 856lbs (388kg)
Nominal Capacity 30kW 34kW 40kW
Input Voltage 208-230V, 1ph,
208-230V, 1ph, 50-60Hz 208, 3ph,
460V, 3ph, 60z
400V, 3ph, 50Hz
Fans Variable spee​d fans
Options Condensate Pump Condensate Pump Condensate Pump
Electric reheat
Height 79in (2000mm) 87in (2200mm) 79in (2000mm)
Width 12in (300mm) 12in (300mm​​) 24in (600mm)
Depth 43in (1100mm) 43in (1100mm) 43in (1100mm)
Weight 365 lb(166 kg) 405 lb (184 kg) 733lbs (332kg)
Controls and Communications – All Units​​​
Controls Liebert iCOM™ control with large graphical display
and 20 sensors for up to 10 racks
Liebert IntelliSlot™
Unity-DP Card
HTTP and SNMP, RS-485 Modbus, Modbus IP/BACnet IP
Liebert IntelliSlot SiteLink-E Card Liebert SiteScan® Web 4.0 Protocol Card
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Liebert CRV, Self-Contained Row-Based Cooling, 19.6-40kW

A self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets in small and medium data centers. Liebert CRV features Liebert iCOM controls and a digital scroll compressor, for high reliability and optimized data center heat management.?????