Emerson|ASCO4000 Series|Product Wiring Diagrams


ASCO 4000 Series Product Wiring Diagrams 

Specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.
Do not use for construction.
Request construction drawings from your local ASCO representative. These drawings are for our current ATS products. For older ATSs (or if you are uncertain) please contact ASCO Services Inc.; provide the Serial Number and Catalog Number from the ATS nameplate.

Product Wirings Frame Amps Single Phase Three Phase
Group 5 Microprocessor Controls
D 30-230 766492E 766493D
J 260-600 781122B 781123C
H 600-1200 766496B 766497E
G 1000-3000  - 766498C
G 4000  - 861888
Group 5 Microprocessor Controls
J 150-600 781125B 781126B
H 600-1200 766503C 766504C
G 1000-3000 - 766505C
Group 5 Microprocessor Controls
J 150-600 781127C 781128C
H 600-1200 766509D 766510E
G 1000-3000 - 766511D
G 4000 - 877833A

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