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Introducing the new ASCO PowerQuest® Power Monitoring and Control family.

The PowerQuest® family is the most comprehensive communication, monitoring and control solution ever offered by Emerson Network Power.

It empowers you. It fulfills your need to test, manage loads, optimize the bus bar, remotely monitor and otherwise be aware of the status of your facility's utility source and on-site power. You have both the Power to Know and the Power to Do.

Local area networks and remote networks are supported with either single or multiple points of access, and web-enabled communications allow access to your power system from anywhere around the world.

There are various PowerQuest® solutions for ASCO power control system and transfer switch products. See Compatibility Matrix for more detail.

  • Monitors and controls Power Transfer Switches and Engine Generators
  • Monitors normal and emergency voltages and frequency
  • Indicates transfer switch position and source availability
  • Provides transfer and re-transfer of loads for system testing
  • View normal and emergency voltage and frequency settings
  • View transfer switch time-delay settings
  • Provides transfer switch rating and identification
  • Automatic paging notifies personnel, by e-mail or pager, or selected system alarms
  • View current, power and power factor with ASCO Power Managers connected to the system
  • View transfer switch event log
  • Provides transfer switch test schedule

PowerQuest 5900 is ideal for complex on-site power systems that support ultra-critical applications such as data centers, large hospitals, financial centers and other operations where the stakes are high. ​
The 5700 line offers versatile options with a range of capabilities starting with the Essential package and building up through the Professional and Enterprise packages.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
PowerQuest 5300 monitors and controls ASCO Power Transfer Switches in all amperages and the following configurations: Manual or Automatic, Closed Transition, Open Transition, Delayed Transition, Bypass-Isolation, Indoor or Outdoor and Service Entrance Rated. 
The ASCO Power Quality Meter helps reduce energy costs while increasing reliability and decreasing infrastructure cost.
​​The ASCO 5370 Touch Display Interface (TDI) is a premium user-friendly experience for accessing data quickly, optimizing reaction time and maximizing efficiency.​​​​
The ASCO 5350 facilitates reliable monitoring, testing and control of ASCO transfer switches via built-in Ethernet technology.​​​
The ASCO 5310 is an LED-interface providing transfer switch status indication and control for a single switch. Ethernet technology is incorporated for fast, reliable communication.​​
The ASCO Power Manager XP, Catalog No. 5220, collects real-time single or three-phase power information for engine-generators, utility, paralleling switchgear and automatic transfer switches.
The 5210 Digital Power Meter (DPM) is ASCO’s standard solution for providing deeper transparency into the happenings in an electrical circuit.
The 5170 Quad-Ethernet Module is the best way to remotely communicate to your ASCO Power Transfer Switches. Get real-time power monitoring, control and historical insight into the utility, generator and transfer switch on any smart phone, tablet or PC.
The ASCO Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Acc. 72E), provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to ASCO transfer switches for monitoring.
The ASCO Serial Interface Module, Catalog No. 5110 (Acc. 72A), enables serial ATS monitoring when used in conjunction with ASCO PowerQuest interface products.
​The ASCO Quad-Ethernet Module, Catalog No. 5140 (Acc. 72EE), provides connectivity from ASCO equipment and Ethernet switch functionality.
​ASCO PowerQuest 5700 Family

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