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ASCO 5170 Quad-Ethernet  Module (Acc. 72EE2)

Connectivity Module for Remote Monitoring and Control on ASCO 7000 and 4000 Series Automatic Transfer Switches.
The 5170 Quad-Ethernet Module is the best way to remotely communicate to your ASCO Power Transfer Switches. Email notifications will proactively let you know when critical power events and alarms occur. Get real-time power monitoring, control and historical insight into the utility, generator and transfer switch on any smart phone, tablet or PC. Communicate using industry standard open protocols and aggregate data into your ASCO Critical Power Management System or Building Management System.


Monitor transfer switch and generator system state, metering, health, active timers, historical logs, transfer statistics and past activity. With proper authentication control features and capabilities are accessible from the Modules web app.  From your mobile device or desktop computer, you can remotely transfer between utility and generator sources while monitoring the operation in real-time. Retreive ATS and metering data using industry standard open protocols, such as, Modbus and SNMP.​


Monitoring Features ​​
  • Status of Generator, Utility and Transfer Switch
  • Email Notification
  • Alarms and Alerts
  • Statistics and Activity
  • Event Log (with Print Function)
  • Controller Setpoints
  • Power Monitoring*
  • Energy Consumption*
  • Historical KW Demand*
Control Features ​​
  • ATS Transfer/Re-transfer
  • Generator Test
  • Bypass Timer Delays
  • Engine Start/Stop
Connectivity Features ​​
  • Modbus
  • SNMP
  • SMTP
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Four Port Ethernet Switch
  • RS485 Port
​​​​*Function only available with accessory 150A or 150B ​
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