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ASCO Series 165 Generator Starting Connections and Optional Accessories 

Generator Starting Connections
Optional Accessories 105A and 105E

ASCO Series 165
Automatic Transfer Switch


The standard ASCO 165 is for use with two wire start generators. The standard 165 controller (without Accessory 105A or 105E) signals the generator to start by de-energizing it's "Normal" relay (NR). The relay contacts are wired to the engine-mounted starting controls, which in turn initiate the starting and stopping sequence.

For two wire control applications refer to wiring diagram 702704.

The four wire start options (acc.105A or 105E) provide cycle cranking functions into the 165 transfer switch start circuit instead of the engine controls.

The accessory 105A was developed specifically for the Coleman Powermate and should be provided by Coleman. Accessory 105A is used on Coleman generator sizes 8.5kW (Model # PM0628511.01), 10kW (Model # PM0621011.01), and 15kW (Model # PM0621512.01). All other Coleman gensets use the standard two wire control.

Accessory 105E should be specified for all other commercial OEM applications that require four wire start. This option is only available to volume OEMS and only after review and approval of ASCO Product Management.

Description of Operation

The controller interfaces to the engine through two sets of relay contacts, designated the START and RUN contacts. To start the engine, the controller de-energizes both relays, which cause the engine to crank. The controller monitors the output voltage and frequency of the generator and uses a proprietary algorithm to determine when to terminate cranking. Once the engine has started, the controller re-energizes the START Relay to terminate cranking, but keeps the RUN relay de-energized. To stop the engine, the controller re-energizes the RUN relay.

If the engine fails to start after 10 seconds, the controller re-energizes both the START and RUN relays, waits 10 seconds and tries again. The controller will repeat the cycle three times and will then lock out further attempts, and generate an error condition.

Battery power must be provided to the controller on four-wire start circuits so that it remains powered during the cranking cycle.

The controller also provides over frequency shutdown of the engine. When the controller detects if the generator frequency exceeds 69hz, the controller will immediately shutdown the engine, display an error condition and lock out further attempts to start the engine until the alarm is cleared.

For 165 Transfer Switches already in the field with two wire start that require four wire start, the standard Group 3 control panel must be replaced with p/n 629100-001 for proper operation.

Coleman 8.5kW

Coleman 10kW

Coleman 15kW

Contact ASCO Services Inc. for return authorization and proper crediting at 1-800-800-ASCO.

Drawings and Owner's Manuals

Refer to ASCO 165 matrix below for proper selection of accessory 105A or 105E, and applicable wiring diagrams and owner's manuals.

Accessory Product Labeling /
Generators Model No. Wiring Owner's
105A Coleman Coleman 8.5kW PM0628511.01 702704-001 381333-166A
105A Coleman Coleman 10kW PM0621011.01 702704-001 381333-166A
105A Coleman Coleman 15kW PM0621512.01 702704-001 381333-166A
105E ASCO Gillette & Others 4 wire start 702704-008 381333-236A

If the owner's manual furnished with the 165 Automatic Transfer Switch is labeled "For Use with Coleman Automatic Start Generators" or the 165 Automatic Transfer Switch has optional accessory 105A, the customer or end-user must contact Coleman Powermate directly at for additional assistance. If the ATS was furnished with accessory 105E, contact the dealer where the ATS was furnished. ASCO model number 165A2100F3XC w/105A or 165A2200F3XC w/105A are to be used on Coleman generator sizes 8.5kW (Model # PM0628511.01), 10kW (Model # PM0621011.01), and 15kW (Model # PM0621512.01) only.

Use ASCO model number 165A2100F3XC w/105E or 165A2200F3XC w/105E for all other four wire start applications.

Series 165 with either Accessory 105A or 105E (4 wire start) Should Not be used for 2 wire start applications. Contact ASCO Product Management if in doubt.

ASCO Series 165 with Accessory 105A Owner's Manual for use with Coleman units 8.5kW (Model # PM0628511.01), 10kW (Model # PM0621011.01), and 15kW (Model # PM0621512.01) only.

ASCO Series 165 with Accessory 105E Owner's Manual for use with other four wire start applications.

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