NetXtend Cell Site Series


NetXtend Cell Site Series

Integrated Enclosure Solutions for Wireless Applications

Emerson's NetXtend Cell Site Series of integrated enclosures provide a custom solution for wireless carriers and OEMs.
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Emerson's NetXtend™ Cell Site Series of integrated enclosures provide a custom solution for wireless carriers and OEMs. This unique series of cabinets provides multiple chambers and environmental zones within a single enclosure. Utilizing common structures and components, the NetXtend Cell Site Series reduces lead times and provides flexibility for future configuration changes. The integrated Environmental Control Unit (ECU) monitors conditions in each chamber and provides power, controls and alarms to/from the applicable thermal components. All models of the enclosure are GR-487 and Seismic Zone 4 compliant.

Easily configurable, these enclosures are available to support distributed BTS applications, as well as power, battery back-up and MCPA deployments.

  • Positive pressure airflow design - maintains a clean and safe environment for network electronics
  • Single, configurable, platform design - meets all your DC Power, Radio, Battery and MCPA requirements
  • Unique temperature controlled zones - individual compartments provide optimal, Freon-free cooling with long term utility savings
  • Adjustable multi-chamber design - sealed internal panels enable custom solutions and maximizes rack space
  • Single-point control system - combines thermal control, power access and alarm monitoring
  • Reversible chamber doors - provide easy access in stringent deployment areas
  • 360° top cable access with Roxtec® entrance boots - optimizes site cabling and prevents water intrusion
  • Low maintenance - maximizes reliability and minimizes utility costs
  • Multiple cabinet deployments - minimizes site lease costs and maximizes site configuration
  • GR-487 and Seismic Zone 4 compliant - meets telecom industry design standards
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