NetXtend Stackable Battery Enclosure


NetXtend Stackable Battery Enclosure

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NetXtend™ Stackable Battery Enclosure products are designed to address the need for battery backup power in the OSP environment. Each stand-alone battery module can be used to expand the capacity of existing OSP battery plants. With the addition of field-configurable fan-cooling and solarshield kits, the battery modules can also be used to build up new fully-featured battery enclosures, designed to protect batteries from the environment and high temperatures. Optional voltage conversion kits enable the stackable battery enclosure to utilize 24V battery strings.

NetXtend Stackable Battery Enclosures provide mobile network operators and local exchange carriers the capability to easily increase or add battery backup capacity for -48 V applications.

  • Stackable design enables vertical expansion as battery backup requirements change.
  • Both single and dual-stack modules support VRLA front-post batteries, up to 190 Ahr size, in -48V strings.
  • Pre-configured battery cables, bus bars, and battery disconnect breaker included for each battery string.
  • Welded aluminum shell and panels with durable TGIC polyester powder paint finish for longer life.
  • Heavy-duty internal reinforcement channels and bracing provide strength for Zone 4 resistance.
  • Battery heater maintains increased battery capacities in cold temperatures.
  • Optional solarshield kit assists in temperature management and seals top of enclosure stack.