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NetXtend Solutions

Multi-purpose enclosures designed to protect an array of sensitive electronic equipment at broadband and wireless telecom sites.

​Separate side-loading power/equipment and battery enclosures are designed for small cell sites at the network edge.

A family of three small single sided low-cost indoor or outdoor rated aluminum enclosures. These enclosures can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive cooling, power, protection and battery options.
Solutions designed to ensure environmental stability for sophisticated electronic equipment.
The NetXtend™ Flex Power & Battery Enclosure is designed to house DC power equipment, electronics and VRLA batteries in a single cabinet.
NetXtend™ Flex Battery Enclosures are available in both 60" and 72" heights, and are designed to accept VRLA batteries.
The NetXtend EBRE Battery Enclosure is an extended battery reserve enclosure that provides a stable environment for battery backup of your wireless site in case of power grid failure.​
NetXtend™ Stackable Battery Enclosures are used for expansion of existing battery backup needs
Enclosures that provide a custom solution for wireless carriers and OEMs.​
The NetXtend Sole Series offers thermal management, battery backup and room for wireless carrier equipment to meet your small cell application needs.
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