A-Line, RPT and RGT Terminal Blocks


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A-Line, RPT and RGT Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks for Outside Building Terminals and Telecom Closures

The A-Line,  RPT and RGT fixed-count terminal blocks are designed specifically for use in outside building terminals and buried cable pedestals and closures.
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A-Line, RPT and RGT series terminal blocks are made of high-impact plastic, and where applicable, are potted with a high dielectric durable polyurethane compound. All terminal blocks can be stubbed with 24-gauge, fully colorcoded insulated jacketed stubs, which are either air core or filled.

  • Tin-plated binding posts and brass washers and nuts for corrosion-resistant protection  
  • Polyurethane potting for insulation-resistance between pairs
  • Variety of configuration for installation flexibility  
  • High-impact shell for maximum durability
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