Outdoor Equipment for Outside Plant

Outside Plant

Outdoor Terminal Blocks

Connection and distribution blocks environmentally hardened for outdoor applications. 
Fire-resistant blocks used in aerial ready-access closures and buried wire cable pedestals.​
Terminal blocks that provide protected or unprotected drop-wire terminal points in ready-access and pedestal closures.
Blocks that are used with closures, buried wire, and cable pedestals.​
Blocks that provide fast, easy connection of 22 to 26 gauge (.4 to .6 mm) wire.
Units that provide fast, easy connection of 0.4- to 0.6-mm (22- to 26-AWG) wires on both sides of blocks.
Terminal blocks that are designed for use in outside building terminals, buried cable pedestals, and closures.
Indoor or outdoor 10-pair terminal blocks that connect solid copper communications wire using insulation displacement connections, made without removing the insulation from the wire.
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