R66P25 Series 25-Pair Protection


R66P25 Series 25-Pair Protection

Co​mpact and Cost-Effective Indoor Blocks for 25-Pair Protection

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The R66P25 series of indoor blocks offers protection for twenty-five pairs in a compact, versatile, and cost-effective unit. The R66P25 series will accept carbon, gas, or solid-state 5-pin protector modules and is also supplied with a ground connector for a 6AWG solid copper wire. The R66P25 series of protected blocks provide protection, protection/demarcation, and sneak current fuse protection. Intended for utilization in small businesses, multiple dwelling units (​MDUs), and medium-density commercial or industrial buildings, the R66P25 series is used by regulated telcos, interconnects, and contractors.
  • UL Listed for a documented performance level
  • Provides FCC RJ21X demarcation for separation of telco central office pairs from customer premises equipment
  • High-density compact design with the same mounting dimensions as the standard 66M150
  • Universal hold-down keeps connectorized RJ21s mated
  • Mounts on standard 89-type brackets for dynamic allocation of wires on wall- or frame-mounted applications
  • Optional quick-clip, RJ21, or stub interfaces for installation flexibility
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