R66C and R66E Series Protected and Unprotected Blocks


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R66C and R66E Series

Protected and Unprotected Blocks for Equipment Rooms or Satellite Closets

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R66C series blocks are units used in equipment rooms or satellite closets to terminate quickly and easily solid-insulated copper wire for distribution to multiple extensions. The blocks are manufactured in UL rated 94 V-0 impact-resistant molded plastic. The blocks are supplied with integral fanning strips molded on each side of the base, notched every five rows to simplify pair identification.

Non-connectorized R66E series blocks can be used in equipment rooms or satellites as a straight 12-pair in/out block or 6-pair block for cross-connect applications.

  • Common clip configuration for termination of up to three extensions for each network cable pair
  • Choice of protected or non-protected configuration for flexible deployment applications
  • UL Listed to meet or exceed documented performance levels
  • Notched fanning strips for ease of wire tracing, identification, and good housekeeping
  • Optional rugged aluminum housings for indoor use provide long life; low maintenance costs
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