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Cross-Connect Cabinets

Cross connect cabinets allow for termination of and cross-connections between cabling elements.
These enclosures integrate a protective, ventilated compartment for weather-hardened DSLAM electronics with a weather-sealed compartment for cross connect (XC) fields in a single enclosure. ​​​​​​​
The NetReach DSLAM XC Compact Enclosure houses one environmentally-hardened DSLAM module and includes 200 total pairs of RLS IDC terminal block cross-connect capability.​​​
The NetReach™ LCX Series from Emerson offers an economical way to satisfy low pair count cross connect needs. This affordable, above-ground metal pedestal offers many of the same features as larger, more expensive cross-connect enclosures.
Integrated systems consisting of housings, terminal fields, and cables that provide the interface between feeder and distribution cables.​​​​
The NetReach XC Expander Series allows an existing pad-mounted cross-connect cabinet to expand from its original size without disrupting service.27
The NetReach™ XC Low-Count, Swing-Out Series of single-access cross-connect interface cabinets is an economical alternative for low-pair-count applications.
The cabinets are equipped with terminal blocks or RLS50 CQF50, a test lead, a wire jumper and a coil, labels for identifying pairs and other accessories.
The NetReach XC UN Swing-Out Series (formerly Universal Series) is a cross-connect interface system featuring a center-feed horizontal jumper run for efficient installation of jumpers.
Cross Connect Ordering Guide​
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