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Telephone and Communication Distribution Pedestals

Pedestals typically used for splicing, terminating and distributing copper.
Aboveground housings for various distribution equipment such as taps, couplers, splitters, and spl​ice cases.
Universal aboveground housings for buried cable plants that provide fixed-count or preferred-count terminations for aerial, buried, block, and station wires.
Distribution pedestals for buried cable plants that use fixed-count or preferred-count designs.
Wide strips of durable, optical orange tape, 27-in. long by 0.5-in. wide. The tape is used for pedestal visibility.
Housings for buried distribution telecommunications equipment, including splice and splice/fixed-count termination applications.
Closures that house telephone buried-wire storage.
Distribution pedestals that are used for buried cable.​​​​​
Pedestals that are used for bonding fiber optic or copper underground splice cables to test for cable shield faults.​
Telephone distribution pedestals that house terminations and splices of small pair-count buried cable.
Telephone closures that are suitable for copper or fiber distribution.​
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