Indoor Equipment for Building Entrance

Outside Plant


Building entrance equipment for environmentally controlled environments.
The Emerson 25- and 50-pair series of protected terminal blocks provide a system for terminating incoming cables and station pairs at the subscriber premises.
The Emerson 2500 frame is comprised of two adjacent verticals separated by a vertical jumper trough. Each vertical of the 8-feet frame has ten block positions, which accommodates a maximum of 1,000 protected pairs per vertical.
The  Emerson BEM series building entrance terminals protect, terminate, and distribute central office cable pairs.
Building entrance protectors that terminate, protect, and distribute central office cable pairs on the subscriber premises.
Building entrance protectors that protect, terminate, and distribute outside plant cables for 10, 25, or 50 pair sizes.​
Equipment that protect, terminate, and distribute indoor building entrance applications. The units are ideal for multi-tenant office buildings, high-rise apartments, campus environments, and PABX installations.​
Frames that support connectors in modular building distribution systems.
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