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SIGMA LT Load Bank​​ Controls

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The modular SIGMA LT control system features both local and remote operating modes. In the local mode, the user interfaces with digital toggle switches which offer synchronized load changes and simplistic operation. Full digital metering is provided for monitoring of Voltage, Amps, Frequencies and kW.

In the remote mode the user interfaces with the SIGMA LT Hand-Held Controller. It offers the fastest and most reliable networking system utilizing CANbus communication protocol. The operator can network up to 25 load banks with control of individual units or the entire string. A dedicated USB port on the hand-held is used for data downloads or software updates.


  • Robust enclosure
  • Resistive load bank control
  • Link up to 25 individual load banks for testing
  • Transfer data on USB stick for analysis
  • Accept and reject load from individual load banks
  • Stand alone and network load test
  • ​​SIGMA PC Basic Software​

Sigma LT Hand-Held

Sigma LT Toggle Switches