Trellis™ Inventory Manager


Trellis™ Inventory Manager


Trellis™ Inventory Manager allows users to collect a detailed catalog of all the inventory items that are placed in the data center. They can see where all devices are located and understand how much capacity (power, cooling, weight and space) is available and consumed at any point in the data center based on faceplate or de-rated values.

With Trellis™ Inventory Manager:

  • An operator can find equipment quicker
  • Data center engineers can make quicker decisions on placement of new equipment
  • Data center managers get an overview of the inventory deployed, the capacity available and the capacity remaining, based on faceplate or de-rated consumption data
  • Minimize effort brought by manual, outdated or conflicting lists of data center assets
  • Minimize errors due to outdated or conflicting lists of assets; you maintain only one comprehensive source of documentation for all devices in the data center
  • Find equipment (and relevant asset data) quicker through the use of a search-and-locate feature
  • Fast-track device placement, provisioning or decommissioning with help from a comprehensive and unified floor, rack plan and device plan
  • Quickly determine what connections exist for a chosen asset (no more tracing cables behind racks)
  • Reduce time spent and personnel traffic inside the data center
  • Understand exactly what capacities exist within the data center, what has already been used and what is remaining, understanding how the consumption levels rate against thresholds that apply

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