MVME5100 VME with PowerPlus II

Supercomputing Performance in a Single VMEbus Slot

The Emerson Network Power MVME5100 series is the flagship of the Emerson PowerPlus II VME Architecture line, enabling supercomputing levels of performance in a single VMEbus slot. Based on an integrated PCI bridge-memory controller ASIC, PowerPlus II takes memory performance to new levels with 582MB/s memory read bandwidth and 640MB/s burst write bandwidth.

The MVME5100 series utilizes the PowerPlus II Architecture to support full PCI throughput of 264MB/s without starving the processor from its memory. The extended temperature versions of the MVME5100 series offer hardware and software compatible products to enhance the existing MVME5100 product.

The temperature range is advantageous to OEMs that require extended operating temperatures for their equipment.

The MVME5100 is designed to meet the needs of OEMs servicing the defense and aerospace, industrial automation and medical market segments.

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