3 slot chassis for conduction cooled 3U VPX payloads

VPX3000 is a convection cooled, fanless enclosure that accepts up to three 3U convection cooled VPX modules. It includes a configurable I/O Adapter Board (IAB) that is designed to mate with Emerson’s iVPX7225 processor blade, itself based on the Intel (R) 3rd generation Core mobile chipset. The IAB routes I/O from the payloads to the front of the enclosure and supports a range of I/O connectivity via suitable front panel connectors.

VPX3000 includes a VITA-62 compliant power supply slot fitted with a DC power supply and has a MIL-38999 power input connector and a front panel switch. It has a full mesh backplane configuration for high bandwidth applications and includes an option for military grade solid state drives for local application and data storage.

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