5 Slot desktop chassis for 3U VPX payloads

KR8-VPX-3-6-1 is an Emerson enclosure designed for use with 3U VPX blades. This chassis is primarily designed for development and lab duties as it can be desk or table mounted, has a convenient carrying handle, is powered from a standard AC supply, and has the ability to act as an open frame chassis with the removal of the side panels for board level debugging. In addition, KR8-VPX-3-6-1 is suitable for deployment as it meets Emerson’s standard safety requirements and EMC and environmental requirements for ground benign based installations.

The bottom half of the box includes the power and cooling elements with the top half containing slots for VPX boards and associated rear transmission modules (RTMs). KR8-VPX-3-6-1 is made of sturdy metal construction in an unobtrusive gray color with holes for ventilation. The front panel includes a power switch and indicator and the AC inlet connects to the rear panel.

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