Embedded Computing

Embedded Computers

An Emerson Network Power Embedded Computer is based around an x86 Intel® Architecture embedded motherboard with processor and memory plus a disk. These are integrated into an application-specific enclosure that is designed for long-life applications with very little or no maintenance. Typical uses include medical clinical instruments, digital security and surveillance, industrial control and digital signage.

Emerson is offering two classes of Embedded Computers that are ideal for digital signage applications:
  • Fanless, small, metal solutions that are designed to be mounted to a screen or instrument.  These are noiseless, maintenance-free embedded computers that are available to suit a variety of operating temperature environments.  They are easy to use and offer capability to fit a wireless module.
  • Small, low cost embedded computers with some expansion capability.  These are typically supplied in a plastic enclosure with mounting options, operate in an environment of 0 °C to 35 °C and are air cooled.


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