Embedded Computing Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture, AdvancedTCA, ATCA

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ATCA® Products

Emerson Network Power's line of AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) products are designed to address applications requiring high performance, high reliability and long life cycles, and include products optimized for Compute, Packet Processing and Media Processing workflows.

Originally designed for the telecom central office, ATCA systems are also being used in non-telecom environments such as military and aerospace, high energy physics, surveillance, signals intelligence, and industrial automation.  In telecom, ATCA systems are being deployed in wireless and wireline networks, converged network packet cores, equipment for deep packet inspection, packet and media processing, and other central office and network data center functions.

Emerson Network Power 40G-enabling solutions support your existing system and allows to upgrade in easy stages so you can make the move to 40G ATCA with minimal effort and cost.
Enhance your platform experience with add-on software to maximize usage of AdvancedTCA platforms and AdvancedTCA blades.
Emerson’s ATCA platform cores integrate chassis, cooling, fabric switching, shelf management and power distribution in a tightly integrated, tested, and field proven system designed to reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market. These systems include future proofing features such as some of the best cooling capability in the industry, 40G fabric backplanes, and enhanced per-slot input power, allowing you to deploy systems today that can accommodate future blade upgrades throughout the long lifecycle of telecommunications equipment.
Emerson is committed to closely following the Intel® Embedded Roadmap for ATCA server blades, offering state-of-the-art performance and memory capacity for high performance computing and server applications. 
Emerson has a broad portfolio of packet and media processing blades, ideal for accelerated performance in next generation network applications. Our family of Cavium OCTEON processing blades are designed for IP packet processing in applications like packet gateways, 4G wireless gateways, deep packet inspection applications, and network security.