AdvancedTCA 40G Packet Processing Blade

The ATCA-9405 from Emerson Network Power is a state-of-the-art AdvancedTCA® blade for high touch and high throughput packet processing applications to support the latest data-intensive network evolution. Packet processing is used widely in network security applications such as unified threat management and session border controllers; in the latest 4G LTE mobile networks for lawful interception and packet gateways; and in deep packet inspection applications for policy enforcement and quality of service control.

With a 40Gb/s ATCA fabric, up to 160Gb/s direct Ethernet terminations, a sophisticated on-board managed Ethernet switching infrastructure to support traffic flow to and from the MIPS64 cores and acceleration engines provided by two Cavium OCTEON II CN6880 multi-core processors, the ATCA-9405 represents a balanced 3x to 4x performance and throughput increase over previous generations. A local dual-core service processor is used to offload other blade functions in order to maximize the packet processing capability, including managing Layer 2 and 3 switching/routing functions on the local Ethernet switch.

Software support includes Wind River’s PNE 4.x operating system, Cavium’s packet processing SDK, and 6WIND’s 6WINDGate™ fast path networking stacks. The ATCA-9405 can operate with or without rear transition modules (RTMs) depending on system architecture, and is designed to support NEBS/ETSI requirements when used in conjunction with any of Emerson’s CPTA-B.4 grade enclosures. To make most use of the 40Gb/s fabric, the blade should be paired with a 40Gb/s hub switch like the Emerson ATCA-F140.

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