Centellis 2000
AdvancedTCA Platform Core

Flexible Power Source and Redundancy Ideal for Central Offices and Data Centers

The Emerson Network Power Centellis™ 2000 platform core is a high availability platform ideally suited for data intensive, central office and enterprise networking applications. The low profile makes the Centellis 2000 the optimal candidate for distributed networking functions, low density subscriber areas, or specialized applications. Target applications include distributed control plane functions, IMS/IPTV subsystems, 4G wireless applications, and edge networking and routing.

This compact platform integrates chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf management into an off-the-shelf solution for small and medium size network element deployments. The small form factor AdvancedTCA® chassis enables reuse of existing, larger scale AdvancedTCA (ATCA®) hardware and software elements providing a significant reduction in development cost and reducing time-to-market for deployments.

The Centellis 2000 is available in simplex and duplex configurations with regard to power, shelf management and base interface switching. Further flexibility is achieved by offering both DC or AC power input modules. Future blade bandwidth requirements are addressed with a sophisticated 1G/10G/40G capable fabric cross-connect backplane. This will allow the simple upgrade of 40G ATCA blades when available without a chassis fork-lift upgrade.

Designed to meet NEBS and ETSI environmental requirements, the Centellis 2000 features front-to-rear cooling, and is designed to meet the stringent Communications Platform Trade Association (CP-TA) B.4 thermal profile. This superior cooling performance enables any combination of ATCA blades and rear transition modules (RTMs) within the ATCA specification limits. Recent changes to GR-63 NEBS specification for telecom central office deployments have made front-to-rear cooling a mandatory feature for this type of equipment. Since two-slot systems from other ATCA suppliers have side-to-side cooling this has become an extremely important feature for smaller scale ATCA systems, and another example illustrating Emerson’s deep understanding of this market.

New for the Centellis 2000, R3.0 is the MF106 - a substantial upgrade to the shelf management module. Improvements include a more powerful processor, additional boot, SDRAM and user memory, and an updated Linux kernel. Also included in the new MF106 shelf management module is a fully manageable, integrated Base Interface switching infrastructure.


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