NetSure 701 DC Power System


NetSure 701 DC Power System

Modular DC Power Systems for Medium-Sized Telecom Applications

48V & 24V DC, 100-4,000A

Flexible DC power systems that satisfy power requirements from 100 amps to 4,000 amps at –48 VDC.

The NetSure 701 power system with 3200 watt rectifiers is a modular power system providing up to 4,000 amps of power at –48 VDC. This simple to install and easy to operate plant is ideal for wireline and wireless applications such as switch sites, co-location, huts and large vaults or enclosures.

The 3200 watt rectifiers provide 55 amps at 58 VDC and 67 amps at 48 VDC (59 A at 54 VDC and 62 A at 52 VDC) with a constant power limiting feature. The 3200 watt rectifier is available with eSure™ technology providing efficiency levels near 97% and reducing heat and energy loss by 58%. With six units per shelf, these rectifiers provide up to 402 amps in three rack units (5.25-in.) of space.

The NetSure 701 power system includes a modular distribution product line that can be designed with one to two distribution cabinets – sized to accomodate from one to four distribution panels. Distribution device options include plug-in circuit breakers or fuses, large TPH-style fuses or GJ/218-style circuit breakers. Both load and battery disconnect capability is provided. Remote and local communication is available via an ethernet, modem, RS-232,
RS-485 or LMS1000 interface.

  • Output power, system: 3, 2, 153, 6 kW
  • Very high reliability
  • High rectifier efficiency, near 97%
  • 400 mm and 600 mm deep cabinets available in multiple heights
  • High power and battery density
  • Single and multi cabinet solutions
  • Extension distribution units possible to install during operation
  • Highly configurable system structure
  • Very high reliability
  • High power and battery density
  • Highly configurable system
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