NetSure V200 –48 VDC Power Retrofit


NetSure V200

48V DC Power Retrofit

Enables eSure rectifiers, NetSure rectifiers, and legacy PCUs to be used side-by-side in existing large power plants, improving system efficiency and permitting expansion.
The NetSure V200 Retrofit for large Vortex power plants is designed to improve system efficiency and permit expansion. This elegant solution enables ultra high-efficiency eSure™ rectifiers or standard NetSure rectifiers from Emerson to be used in existing large power plants without modifying the Vortex controller. The NetSure V200 Retrofit also functions side-by-side with existing legacy PCUs.​
  • Works with legacy LVPS PCUs for expansion
  • Compatible with ultra high-efficiency NetSure rectifiers and standard NetSure rectifiers
  • Does not require an upgraded controller unless the MCA is older than version 5.0.0 (shipped after September 2003)
  • Achieves efficiency levels approaching 97%
  • Improves current harmonics from .66 to .95
  • Eliminates typical transition cost and risk
MCA Compatibility
MCA Controller Version¹ Release Date Upgrade Remote Sense Lead Drop²
5.2.0 After 9/13/2006 Not Required 50 mV
5.1.0 After 10/8/2004 Not Required 50 mV
5.0.0 After
Not Required 50 mV
4.9.0 or less Prior 9/2003 Requires a New MCA 50 mV

¹ To determine MCA controller version, go to the front panel:  System OK (enter) / Configure Menu (enter) / Verify Inventory (enter) / Navigate to “MCA SWV ########”.
² Maximum voltage drop between local bus and sense point.

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