MPX - Adaptive Rack PDU


MPX, Adaptive Rack PDU

Modular PDU with Monitored and Controlled Operation

MPX is the most responsive and adaptive rack PDU available. With MPX rack PDU technology, you can respond to rack equipment changes and dynamic capacities by leveraging hot-swappable modular output power, hot-swappable modular communications and modular input power.
  • Modular input power
  • Hot Swappable output power
  • Receptacles & modules
  • Monitors at branch level
  • Controls at equipment level
  • Offers single-phase and three-phase models

Designed for High Availability

  • Designed specifically to accommodate higher power densities and be resistant to higher temperatures.
  • Energy metering provides users the information to maximize data center power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Allows user to add individual hot-swappable output power modules for capacity as demand grows.
  • Offers the ability to change input capacity or configuration while maintaining Rack PDU infrastructure.

Designed to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Capacity Management

  • Flexibility to respond to constant change—redeploy modules to suit changing needs.
  • Adaptive capacity, distribution, monitoring, control and management of critical devices.
  • Scalable design that allows onsite configuration to fit immediate IT equipment needs.
  • Provides a wide selection of single phase and three-phase power input configurations—with the ability to field change while maintaining distribution infrastructure.
  • Employs energy efficient receptacle control technology.
  • Expanded branch overload protection minimizes threat of cascading PDU overload.

Designed to Improve Business Resiliency and Agility:

  • Provides for local or remote monitoring and management of connected loads.
  • Easily integrate with existing network and security architectures, as well as higher level management software – allowing you to operate at peak velocity.
  • Preemptive notifications before problems occur.
  • Allows user to shut down non-essential equipment during power outages to maximize availability and back-up power.
  • Provides a compatible monitoring platform for MPH, offering seamless common operation if deployed together.

Designed to Reduce Deployment Time and Expenses:

  • Allows real-time, highly precise metering and management – and the lowest energy consumption in the industry for rack PDUs.
  • Provides the most cost-effective design available—build, add on, or modify the platform design.
  • Allows redeployment of modules to suit changing needs.
  • Rack PDUs may be pre-installed.

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Preinstalled Toolless brackets, Universal Mounting bracket Ability to ship rack PDU preinstalled in Emerson Racks

Input Power Options
North America

100 - 120V 1-ph 20A/30A
200 - 240V 1-ph 20/30A
200 - 240V 3-ph 20/30/50/60A
208/120V 3-ph 20/30A
415V/240V 3-ph 20A/30A

Input Power Options International

230V 1-ph 16A/32A
230/400V 3-ph 16A/32A/63A

Input Wiring Options

10 ft. pluggable power cord

Max. Capacity North America

17.2 kW

Max. Capacity International

27.7 kW

Outlet Options

NEMA 5-20; IEC 320C13;
IEC 320 C19; Schuko;
French UTE; Schuko; Switzerland CH SEV 1011; GST 18

Maximum Outlets

Basic BRM's: 42
Rack PDU Metered BRM's: 36 Outlet Metered &
Switched BRM's: 36

Maximum Operating Temp. Range

0°C to 55°C
(32°F to 131°F)

Storage Temperature Range

-25°C to 85°C
(-13°F to 185°F)

Relative Humidity

5% to 95%

Overcurrent Protection

Software Electronic Overcurrent Protection
100% Rated 20A Branch Overcurrent Protection -
Hydraulic Magnetic
Circuit Breakers

Idle Power Consumption

3 W – 22 W

0U Units Width
x Depth

75 mm x 104 mm
(2.95 in x 4.09 in)

0U units Length

1035 mm / 1880 mm
(40.7 in / 74 in)

Standard Warranty

2 years; Extended Warranties Available

Agency Approvals


Metering Levels

Aggregate, Branch, Phase, Outlet

Parameters Measured

Volts, Current, kW, KVA, kWh, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Frequency

Metering Accuracy


Switching Capability

On, Off, Recycle, Lock, Unlock,
Outlet Grouping Capability


Power Entry Module
Branch Receptacle Module
RPC2™ communications module


Local Management

Optional Local Display


Remote Management

Onboard Web Interface; CLI; SNMP; SSH; Telnet
Integration with Avocent® ACS, Avocent Universal Management Gateway & Avocent MergePoint™ Unity Integration with DSView®, Rack Power Manager, Nform™ and the Trellis™ platform

SNMP version support

v1, v2 and v3


Remote: Active Directory, LDAP, TACACS,
Radius, Kerberos



Software Downloads

Emerson Network Power offers downloads for a number of Liebert data center monitoring software products that optimize data center infrastructure management.

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