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Liebert FS Flywheel DC Energy Storage

The Liebert FS flywheel DC energy storage system is an efficient and reliable alternative to standard battery systems used with a UPS. Liebert FS may be used as the sole back-up DC energy storage device or in conjunction with conventional battery strings and /or generator sets. Flywheels may be paralleled to provide for higher power requirements, longer runtimes, or for N+1 redundancy.

The Liebert FS flywheel DC energy storage system is designed to interface with larger Liebert UPS systems, from 20kVA to over 1MVA, including Liebert Npower, Liebert Series 300, Liebert Series 610, Liebert Series 600, Liebert NX and Liebert NXL models. A single Liebert FS battery-free unit provides 190 kW of DC power for 10 seconds, and more time at lower outputs, delivering a gradual handoff to a backup generator. Liebert FS units may be paralleled for higher power levels, longer run times or for N+1 redundancy.

  • Energy storage system improves battery availability
  • Reduces or eliminates need for batteries
  • Offers low installation, maintenance and lifecycle costs
  • Requires only a small footprint for installation and maintenance


  • Broad operating temperature range does not require the controlled environment needed by battery systems.
  • Small footpirnt, front-only access and light weight make the unit simple to install and provide great installation flexibility.

Higher Availability

  • Used wtih batteries, improves overall reliability by eliminating battery cycling due to short term utility power outages.
  • Multiple Liebert FS units may be operated in parallel without batteries for higher power, longer runtime or redundancy.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Much lower life cycle costs when used as an alternative to batteries.
  • When used with batteries, extends UPS battery life.
  • Offers low installation costs, small footprint, very low maintenance and long operating life.
  • Green Solution; may qualify for LEED and/or other efficiency improvement credits

Ideally Suited For

  • Data centers
  • Colocation facilities
  • Telecommmunications
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Commercial facilities
  • Medical facilities

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