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Liebert eXL™ On-Line UPS, 800kVA​/kW
​True on-line, double conversion, three-phase UPS system is the right solution to support a maximum efficiency data center design. It provides high operating efficiency, high power capacity, and low PUE and TCO. Features a small footprint, and a large 10.4” control touch screen. 800kVA/kW system.

The Liebert® eXL™ On-Line UPS is the right solution for a Maximum Efficiency data center – with a design that enables high operating efficiency, high capacity, and intelligent operation. With a small footprint per kW, lower installation costs and optimized operating costs, the Liebert eXL UPS supports a low PUE and total cost of ownership.

Currently available as a single module system, Liebert eXL UPS will also be available in multi-module configurations in the Fall of 2014. The system offers matching battery cabinets for a complete power solution. The system is LIFE™ Technology enabled, and seamlessly integrates with the Trellis™ platform.

The module rating is 800kVA/800kW; for scalability options, consult factory. Output voltage 480 VAC 3-phase, 3 wire.​

  • On-line UPS protection for medium and large facilities
  • Transformer-free topology with greater than 96% efficiency in double conversion mode.*​
  • HMI touch screen for easier use
  • LIFE™ Technology for remote service delivery

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Enables lower operating costs.
  • Unity power factor, delivers more usable power for your capital investment.
  • Greater than 96% operating efficiency. *
  • Lower costs for installation and deployment.

* At full load


  • Small footprint with high power density.
  • Compatible with the Trellis™ platform – allowing rich information, management and monitoring.
  • Integrates with a wide range of other popular monitoring tools.
  • 7% higher power capacity than competitive systems allows support of up to 10 more racks than a 750kVA system


  • Designed and tested to provide predictable performance during high fault current conditions.
  • Integrated control system and internal diagnostics allow enhanced visibility into operation and awareness of potential issues.
  • Circuit breakers as opposed to contactors increase reliability.
  • LIFE™ Technology for remote monitoring enables our experts to track your UPS performance 24/7/365.

Ideally Suited For

  • Enterprise data centers
  • Colocation facilities
  • Upgrade replacement for legacy UPS systems
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Liebert® eXL™ Model Size 800kVA / 800kW
Input AC Parameters

Rectifier Type

IGBT Active Rectifier

Input Voltage to Rectifier

VAC 480 3-phase, 3-wire

Input Voltage to Bypass

VAC 480 3-phase, 3-wire

Input Voltage Range

VAC +10%, -15% (-30% battery assist)

Input Frequency, Hz


Permissible Input Frequency Range, Hz

55 to 65

Reflected input THDi at nominal voltage at full load %


Power Walk-In, sec

1 to 30 (selectable) in 1 sec. Increments

Battery & DC Parameters

Battery Type

VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) or FLA (Flooded Lead Acid) or Liebert FS Flywheel

Nominal Battery Bus, VDC


Battery Float Voltage, VDC


DC Ripple Voltage in Float and Const V Ch. mode, %

<1 (RMS value) < 3.4% Vpp

Temperature Compensated Battery Charging

Standard (with temperature probe)

Output Parameters

Inverter Type

High Efficiency Transformer Free IGBT PWM Controlled Inverter

Output Power, kVA/kW


Load Power Factor Supported (Without Derating)

0.7 Leading to 0.7 Lagging

Output Voltage

480 VAC 3-phase, 3-wire

Output Voltage Regulation, %

< 1% (3-phase RMS average)

Output Voltage Regulation (50% Unb. Load)

< 2% (3-phase RMS average)

Output Frequency, Hz

60 Hz

Output Frequency Regulation, %

± 0.1%

Output THD at Nominal Voltage (Linear Load), %


Output THD at nominal voltage Including a 100kVA Non Linear Load per EN 62040-3, %

<6% (max)

Efficiency AC-AC Double Conversion

Up to 96.5%

Transient Recovery

62040-3, section 5.3.1 Figure 1

Voltage Displacement

120 deg +/- 1 deg (50% unbalanced load)

Unbalanced loads current capacity

50% of nominal phase current


110% for 10 minutes, 125% for 2 minutes, 150% for 15 seconds, 200% for 10-cycles

Physical Characteristics Single Module System

Width, Depth, Height in inches (mm)

123.6 in x 33.5in x 76.7 in (3140 mm x 850 mm x 1950 mm)

Weight, unpackaged, lbs (kg)

7250 lbs (3400kg)


Black, RAL 7021

Protection Class, UPS Enclosure

NEMA 1, IP 20 (with and without front door open)



ISTA Procedure 1H


UL 1778 4th Edition; CSA 22.2 107.3


FCC Part 15, Class A


ANSI C62.41 B3