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Energy Logic 2.0

Energy Logic has received a makeover. Emerson Network Power introduced the original Energy Logic in 2007. Since then, data center and IT technologies have advanced and new best practices have emerged – prompting an update to leverage these improvements. The new Energy Logic 2.0 e-book illustrates how the energy consumption of a 5,000 square-foot data center could be cut by up to 74 percent using available technologies, compared to up to 50 percent in the original Energy Logic approach.

Energy Logic 2.0 arrives at the right time to help data center managers combat ever-rising energy consumption and optimize power, cooling and space. The base 5,000 square-foot data center modeled in 2007 has experienced a 37 percent increase in energy consumption as a result of increases in server power consumption. Energy Logic 2.0 shows how the energy consumption of this data center now can be reduced from 1,543kW to 408kW.


New in Energy Logic 2.0
Read a summary of the major energy savings opportunities made possible by the new approach.

Energy Logic 2.0 Actions
The cornerstone of Energy Logic – the cascade effect – has not changed. The ten Energy Logic strategies start with IT equipment and progress to the facility's support infrastructure. Click any of the Energy Logic Actions to the right to learn more about what Energy Logic 2.0 can do for your data center.

Four Essential Lessons
Organizations that can’t adopt every Energy Logic 2.0 strategy can still benefit from its analysis by using four lessons as a guide when considering data center changes. Find out what they are.

Cascading Savings Calculator
Try the Energy Logic 2.0 Cascading Savings Calculator to explore the impact Energy Logic 2.0 strategies might have on your facility.

Praise for Energy Logic 
“White papers on datacenter efficiency are a dime a dozen, and most are self-serving marketing documents. Emerson's Energy Logic…merits deeper attention.”

– Andy Lawrence, Research Director, Eco-Efficient IT, The 451 Group
“…It's [Energy Logic] an impressive piece of work, outlining ten interrelated technology strategies that comprise a holistic approach to improving data center energy efficiency by as much as 50 percent, according to the company.”

– Ted Samson, senior analyst at InfoWorld and author of the Sustainable IT blog