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Liebert Products Registration
Please take a moment to fill out the information below to register your warranty. All responses are strictly company confidential. Our goal is to provide products and support that best fits your needs.
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Please Identify One of the Following Product Applications
Computer Room
Centralized, general purpose or enterprise computing operation usually requiring a special environment.
Distributed Computing
Decentralized network systems, combinations of servers & hosts, PCs and/or terminals not requiring a special environment.
Telecom / Datacom
Equipment supporting the transmission of voice, video & data, usually requiring a special environment.
Equipment supporting production and utility systems used for control and monitoring in an industrial/factory floor setting or required for a clean manufacturing environment.
Equipment supporting medical diagnostic and treatment systems (not general purpose computing or LANs used in medical services)
Not included in any of the above categories, please be specific and list the application if not provided.
Communication Interfaces
Which of the following communication options are installed in your Liebert equipment? (Please select all that apply.)

How are you currently managing alarms and / or trend data from Liebert equipment? (Please select all that apply.)

Product Protection Promise
To qualify for the additional LIEBERT $25,000 PRODUCT PROTECTION PROMISE: Please list all equipment connected to your Liebert UPS** and return this form to Liebert within 30 days.
Connected Equipment Model # Connected Equipment Serial #
Please notify Liebert of any additions to your connected equipment list. The $25,000 Product Protection Promise will provide coverage for any equipment that is added after receipt of this form if Liebert is promptly notified of such additional equipment, identified by model and serial number in writing. Send notification to the address on this form.
** Policy applies to Liebert Notify, Liebert PowerSure Interactive, Liebert PowerSure Personal, Liebert PowerSure ProActive, Liebert UPStation GXT (6 kVA and 10 kVA), and Liebert UPStation GXT 2U in the United States and Canada only.