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Alarm Panels
Remote Alarm indication for Electric and Diesel Fire Pump Controllers
Jockey Pump Controllers
Used for pressure maintenance in fire pump installations to prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump.
Electric Fire Pump Controllers
Available in many starting configurations including soft start/stop and variable speed.
Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers
Automatic and manual Mark II based diesel engine fire pump controllers intended for starting and monitoring fire pump diesel engines.
Medium Voltage Fire Pump Controllers
Electric Controller designed for high horsepower, medium voltage applications (2200-7200V)
Power Transfer Switches for Fire Pumps
Connects the fire pump to a second, emergency power source for critical applications

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Firetrol FTA1930 Electric Fire Pump Controller

Improved level of hydromechanical performance can be found in the Firetrol® FTA1930 Solid State Starting Fire Pump Controllers. They feature soft start, soft stop and system sensing capabilities that provide for reduced voltage starting. Learn More
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