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What is Energy Logic?

Energy Efficiency Strategies for Telecom Energy usage by telecom providers is receiving increased attention. To provide a systematic approach to reducing energy consumption – and cost – Emerson Network Power introduced Energy Logic. This process explores the current breakdown of energy use within telecom sites and provides a method to identify the highest-impact strategies for energy reduction. Energy Logic provides a sequential approach to energy optimization that starts with access equipment and moves through to support infrastructure to create a cascade of savings.

Did you know?

"Green" Technology Helps Verizon Wireless Save Energy, CO2 Emissions and Costs
Over the past year, Verizon Wireless has deployed 1E WakeUp, which ensures that all PCs, whether on or off, can be patched immediately, and NightWatchman?, which significantly reduces the power consumed by PCs. This power management software is now available on 63,000 managed desktops company-wide, resulting in a 24 percent reduction in both PC power consumption and CO2 emissions. The initiative reduces annual energy costs by $1.3 million and carbon emissions by an estimated 7,700 tons