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Power Protection Products with NTI Technology

Emerson Network Power manufactures and supports power protection products for typical and non-typical communications applications. These products continue to include NTI Technology, and are built to protect a range of electrical equipment.

Integrated Cabinet Solutions

Space-saving cabinets that integrate different power cabinet functions into one solution. Includes the following formerly NTI models: Side-by-Side, AC, Telco, CS & CAC.

Distribution cabinets that combine TVSS and power distribution in one unit (includes the 300 Series ATS model).


Surge Suppression Products

The DCB Series protects and provides unparalleled performance in power protection for critical equipment.



Provides isolated power loop circuit protection in applications where higher current is required, such as fire alarm and security systems. Non-degrading SADS will last the lifetime of equipment, ensuring uptime.



Units that are used for point-of-application protection.



Equipment for T1 line protection against damaging transients.



Equipment for T1 line protection against damaging transients.


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Surge Protection
  For all Surge Suppression and AC Power Filters including Liebert, Edco, PowerSure and Islatrol Series of products
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