Military and Aerospace

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Leading the Charge with Military & Aerospace Solutions

Success in today's battlefied rests in the ability to translate information into actionable intelligence which can only be achieved by massive processing capabilities enabled by reliable networking technology. These technologies provide not only real-time evaluation of battlefield transmissions from weapons systems, launch telemetry or radar transmitters, but also will help with persistent intelligence and surveillance.

Emerson Network Power's continued commitment to network-centric defense and avionics applications leverages on our ability to create innovative, high-performance mission-critical solutions that operate anywhere, every time. This is why the world's leading defense agencies and contractors rely on our world-class technical support, life-cycle and program management capabilities to help them build solutions faster, at lower cost and with less risk.

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Battlefield-Ready Performance

A focus on designing ruggedized products that can be deployed in harsh environments, with uptime reliability for hieghtened data-processing demands, makes Emerson’s COTS embedded computing technology the clear choice in the industry. Leveraging best practices from open source developments, Emerson’s rugged AdvancedTCA®OpenVPX™ and VMEbus products help commanders make decisions at the speed of light, to dramatically increase mission effectiveness.

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  • C4ISR
  • Radar and Sonar
  • Unmanned Vehicles (UMV)