Embedded Computing Automation & Industrial Solutions

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Automation & Industrial Solutions

Automation and industrial embraces a wide range of industries and applications that involve some kind of automated process based on a user selection. Emerson offers long life-cycle embedded computing boards for various industrial automation, test and measurement, and transportation applications. Emerson’s embedded computing technology is designed to help OEMs reduce their time to market, become more customer-centric and improve operational efficiency. Our VME products are especially suited to automation and industrial applications and we have a long history of creating custom embedded computing solutions tailored to the needs of automation and industrial applications.



Industrial Automation

Industrial automation involves real time monitoring and control of a process in a factory, plant location or store. These applications can range from a small number of devices to control a semiconductor wafer stepper to an array of thousands of processors gathering data for the latest particle physics experiment. Whether you have an existing application looking for a performance boost or a new one looking for a long life cycle platform, Emerson has VMEbus and custom design capabilities to meet your needs. 


Test and Measurement
Emerson’s range of embedded board-level VMEbus products and custom designed solutions are often found at the heart of test and measurement (T&M) devices, controlling the stimuli to the device on test, capturing, analyzing and displaying the results for the operator and determining pass/fail criteria. 

Emerson's VMEbus and custom designed solutions are widely deployed as the basis of a variety of signalling and control systems in transportation networks worldwide thanks to their long lifecycles and high quality designs.