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Start-up Services

Chloride Industrial Power closely collaborates with the customer to ensure on-time and troublefree start-up of the UPS system. Our start-up services includes on-site installation, supervision and commissioning.

During a scheduled on-site intervention our Service Engineers perform:

  • Complete check of environmental conditions
  • Inspection of connections
  • System start-up
  • Full check of operating parameters
  • Test of the control and signalling units
  • Assessment of battery performances under mains failure conditions (partial battery discharge)

Battery installation and filling, autonomy test, on-site witness test can also be performed upon request.

We strongly recommend that our Service Engineers perform the commissioning since their experience and rigorous training ensure that all operations are made in the best possible way. A correct start-up guarantees a maximized lifetime for all system's elements (e.g.: batteries).


  • Maximize system's liferime
  • Reduced costs
  • UPS warranty validation
  • Staff training for basic operation procedures and safety rules