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Meeting Today's Data Center Challenges

In every industry, the data center has become mission-critical to the success of the business. To outpace the competition, today’s technology-driven economy demands that companies deliver highly reliable services to their internal and external customers. But with the rapid deployment of new technologies comes increasing complexity and a need for agility that requires companies to find solutions for managing their data centers with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

Aperture has dedicated itself to helping companies manage data centers with the level of precision needed to meet these challenges and support the business goals. Long a leader in solutions for managing the physical infrastructure of enterprise data centers, Aperture’s 20 years of software experience and 5th generation VISTA technology have helped more than 250 organizations on six continents provide the highest levels of reliable, efficient IT service. Using VISTA solutions, major Fortune 1000 companies have reduced time-to-provision servers from months to a few short weeks, saved millions of dollars through reconciliation of assets and cut hundreds of hours in installation time and costs.

By delivering an integrated, real-time view of all data center assets, Aperture helps companies take control of highly complex physical infrastructures including equipment, space, power, cooling, network and storage. The VISTA product suite fully supports the Data Center Service Management™ (DCSM™) model, which enables IT organizations to manage the data center as a single entity by integrating information about equipment and physical resources in a holistic, service-centric view.

Aperture VISTA solutions are at work in some of the world’s largest and most complex data centers. At companies such as Elsevier, Fujitsu, JPMorgan Chase and the National Institutes of Health, thousands of users manage multiple data centers in a common framework , optimizing service delivery, energy and resource efficiency, capacity management and compliance.

Aperture Professional Services complements the company’s technology leadership with proven best practices for managing the physical infrastructure of data centers. Aperture Professional Services has refined these best practices in hundreds of large-scale deployments worldwide. Thanks to mature educational programs, 24x7 global support and established partnerships with industry leaders, Aperture customers can be sure of comprehensive implementation, training and maintenance support.