Innovative Liebert MPX Rack PDU Wins Prestigious Design Award

Innovative Liebert MPX Rack PDU Wins Prestigious Design Award

The Liebert MPX adaptive rack PDU has won the internationally recognized Red Dot award for excellence in product design.

In March 2011, Emerson managers at Knurr Germany received word from the Red Dot Institute, based in Essen, Germany, that the Liebert MPX had won a Red Dot award in the Computers and Information Technology category, one of 18 product award groups.

With over 4,400 entries from 60 countries, the annual red dot design award ranks among the largest design competitions worldwide. The competition is divided into two sections – product design and communication design – which are staged and judged separately. The coveted trophy in both is the red dot, the international seal of quality for outstanding design. Only 20 percent of submitted products received an award.

Launched globally in 2009, and jointly developed by a team from Liebert and Knurr in the US and Europe, the Liebert MPX will be presented as an exhibit in the red dot design museum beginning July 5, 2011 and also announced at the Red Dot Gala on July 4 with more than 1,000 guests from around the world in attendance.

The Liebert MPX will also be featured online and published in the Red Dot yearbook.

The Red Dot design award has become one of the largest and most prestigious design awards worldwide. Juries of hand-picked, internationally recognised design experts award products that excel in innovation, functionality and ergonomics, among other criteria.

“Good design cannot be overestimated for business success,” explains Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and president of the competition. “It is the obvious and appealing design of a product that creates a direct, intuitive connection with the consumer. But design can do much more: It links the user to the product and the brand alike; it creates confidence in quality performances; and in the best of cases, it demonstrates the responsibility of the manufacturer towards his clients, the environment, and all those involved in the production process.”