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Relay Design and Integration

Get all the advantages of digital relays at a fraction of the cost.

Replacing electromechanical (EM) relays is the fast, low-cost way to get all the advantages of digital relays without the expense of new switchgear. Upgrading to a digital relay makes use of existing CTs, breakers and most wiring, but still enables all the advantages of a fully digital solution. Built-in communications protocols make data available anywhere on your system, and digital relays perform thousands of self-tests every minute to eliminate the manual testing and calibration needed for EM relays.

Emerson Network Power can help you design a new system or integrate an existing system to start reaping the benefits of digital technology. When you move to digital, you can add the benefit of self-testing, I/O, improved control, event reports and fault identification to your existing switchgear, and join thousands of other utility, industrial and commercial users that have already made the leap.



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