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Knürr CoolTrans®

The link between water circulation systems in the building and the server rack.

Knürr CoolTrans® units combine a building's main cold water circulation system with a data center's secondary cold water system by means of a water-to-water heat exchanger, allowing facilities to overcome complex circulation systems, and ensuring that data centers have no condensation build up. The units are compact and energy-efficient.

Knürr CoolTrans® is indespensible for the safe operation of water-cooled racks.

  • Hydraulic separation of the cold water circulation system in the building from the cooling water in the data center
  • Use of the best quality components from building technology
  • Integration of all thermohydraulic components for regulated liquid cooling (pumps, valves,mixers, heat exchanger, expansion tank)
  • Redundant components permit uninterrupted operation, even during servicing
  • Connection of individual Knürr CoolTherm®and Knürr CoolAdd®units to the Knürr CoolTrans® units
  • Modular design for heat loads in excess of 100 kW
  • Constant cooling water temperature with adjustable set point temperature
  • Constant cooling water quantity regardless of the hydraulic arrangements in the building
  • Operational reliability through system separation (permits leakage monitoring and prevents corrosion and fouling effects thanks to a defined water quality on the secondary side)
  • Operational reliability through redundancy
  • Operational reliability through recording and centrally monitoring the operating parameters including warning and alarm signals
  • Possibility of controlling emergency operation
  • Flanged joint for adding multiple Knürr CoolTrans® units
  • Dew point dependent cooling water flow temperature increase to prevent condensation water and for piping without insulation
Technical Data

CapacityWidthHightDepthPipe ConnectionDifferential
Pressure: ext.
Elec. Connection
Water Volume
    primarysecondaryprimarysecondary50 Hzprimarysecondary
50 kW450 mm1010 mm820 mm1¼"5 x 1"1,5 bar0,7 bar230 V; 0,8 kW8,42m³/h7,16m³/h
75 kW450 mm1010 mm1200 mm1½"5 x 1"1,5 bar1,1 bar400 V; 1,8 kW12,78m³/h10,74m³/h
100 kW1640 mm1890 mm600 mm2xDN1002xDN1001,4 bar1,2 bar400 V; 1,6 kW16,79m³/h14,30m³/h

 Primary CircuitSecondary Circuit Conditions of Setup Site:
 Also Available:
Temperature Supply:4 – 8°C12 – 14°CCapacity 50 respectively 75 kW
(air conditioned room)
capacity 100 kW (any)
• Pumps - 60 Hz
• 2 heat exchangers for free cooling
• Redundant electric feed
Temperature Return:11 – 14°C18 – 20°C
Operating Pressure:16 bar6 bar
Antifreeze Agent:up to 35% Note: Further temperatures and diff. pressure possible on request
Specification subjects to change without notice / errors and omissions excepted / Electrical data as operating power input

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