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Knürr CoolLoop®, 10-30 kW Modular Cabinet Cooling

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Knürr CoolLoop® is the world’s first solution for data center server cooling that can be operated as both an open and closed system. The system can be set to either directly cool the adjacent cabinet (closed system), or to supplement the data center cooling (open system). A system of valves ensures that the correct cooling level is provided for every server.

The Knürr CoolLoop® is a water-cooled cabinet unit for side mounting on server cabinets. It is a closed unit with warm air suction from the rear and cool air expulsion at the front–blown vertically over the entire height of the cabinet.



The Knürr CoolLoop® has a modular setup that can be equipped with one to four fan units. Cooling is therefore adapted to suit the actual requirement within the data center. The cooling range per Knürr CoolLoop® is 10 to 30 kW. Selection of the required capacity can be determined by the data center operator. This ensures investment security for the data center operator, and only provides the required cooling power relative to the heat load produced by the data center.

The Knürr CoolLoop® makes no compromises when it comes to availability, reliability and safety. The fans are configured with n+1 redundancy. Two Knürr CoolLoops® can be positioned on one server cabinet to meet the highest requirements of a tier 4 data center. This ensures complete 2n redundancy of server cabinet cooling.

Energy efficiency
The Knürr CoolLoop® represents the highest standards in data room cooling capacities. The air path is constantly monitored and adjusted through the heat exchangers and moisture eliminators, which results in minimum energy consumption by the fans. The Knürr CoolLoop® not only sets standards with regard to pressure loss, but relatively high cold water pre run temperature for optimum server cooling also ensures improved use of the cold water system with a high coefficient of performance (COP). The design also enables a high level of free cooling, which facilitates significant savings potential with cold water generation. Short air paths and the arrangement of the fans after the heat exchanger also help to reduce energy consumption. This arrangement not only increases the useful lifetime of the fans, it also increases the cooling airflow volume as a result of the higher air density. This in turn conserves resources and further reduces energy consumption.

The Knürr CoolLoop® sets new standards in control and monitoring. A regulating valve is used to adjust the cool water volume to optimise server input air temperature, which can be regulated by the operator. The speed of the fans is also adjustable to match the required air volume of the servers which can fluctuate between 0 and 100 per cent. A number of sensors ensure the highest level of safety. The following are monitored via a colour display:

  • Server input air temperatures
  • Server output air temperatures
  • Relative humidity
  • Cold water prerun and postrun temperatures
  • Cold water flow rates
  • All doors
  • Water sensors in the collecting tray
  • Smoke detectors
  • Warning lights on the cabinets
  • Optional early smoke detection and fire extinguisher system

All control and monitoring functions can be retrieved via an Ethernet interface. Integration into higher level network management systems is also possible at no significant expense.

Technical Data

Effective cooling
of fans
Electrical con-
nection data
10 kW1300 mm2000 mm
2200 mm
2400 mm
1200/1300 mm42 U
46 U
50 U
188 kg200 to 264 VAC
50/60 Hz
410 Watt
20 kW2300 mm2000 mm
2200 mm
2400 mm
1200/1300 mm42 U
46 U
50 U
202 kg200 to 264 VAC
50/60 Hz
820 Watt
30 kW3300 mm2000 mm
2200 mm
2400 mm
1200/1300 mm42 U
46 U
50 U
216 kg200 to 264 VAC
50/60 Hz
1230 Watt
30 kW3 + 1
(n +1)
300 mm2000 mm
2200 mm
2400 mm
1200/1300 mm42 U
46 U
50 U
230 kg200 to 264 VAC
50/60 Hz
890 Watt

Possible cooling water prerun
4 to 20°C Ambient temperature:Up to 35°C
*Given nominal cooling power:With 12/18°C cooling water and
20 - 25°C server input air
Water amount:8,6 l
Cooling water requirement:1,43 - 4,29 m³/hCooling water connection:G 1 1/4” male thread, flat sealing
Pressure loss:0,05 - 0,39 barCondensation connection:5/8” tube connector
Number of fans:max. 4Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Input air temperature:20 - 25°C (front)Standard colors:RAL 7021 or RAL 7035
Specification subjects to change without notice/errors and omissions excepted

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