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Knürr CoolAdd®, 8000 Watt Cooling Capacity

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Knürr CoolAdd® represents the ideal retrofit solution for data centers and ITrooms. It safeguards against the risk of hotspots and helps to avoid overheating of the server racks. A special feature of this quick and highly effective solution is that the existing server rack remains within the data center. In addition, the entire wiring may remain as it is, without the need for any alterations!

Therefore, Knürr CoolAdd® is an easy-to-use replacement for the server‘s rear door. It operates on the following technical principle: safe cooling of the servers‘ emitted air temperature in order to meet the required supply air temperature.

  • Installation with adapter kit
  • Adjustment of just a few parts
  • Thermostatic shuttle valve for regulating cooling power
  • Manual fan speed setting
  • Individual fan monitoring
  • Individual fan protection
  • Shuttle valve for regulating cooling power
  • Heat exchanger is firmly connected with the existing rack (pipes and other connections are not accessible in the data centre)
  • Redundant n+1 fan setup
  • Knürr CoolAdd® can be used with all current rack types
  • Server rack remains unchanged
  • Slim design heat exchanger (85 mm)
  • Access to components is always maintained
  • Water-carrying components are safely shielded from the rack
  • Existing racks can continue to be used
  • Existing cabling remains
  • Quick installation
  • Just a few Knürr CoolAdd® components have to be adjusted
  • Cools the server’s warm exhaust air side
  • Access to all built-in components always maintained
  • Relieves the data centre’s thermal management system
  • Cools an additional 8,000 watts
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