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Liebert MPX Adaptive Rack Power Distribution Unit

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Confidently take on the uncertain future of connected power requirements with Liebert MPX, the most responsive and adaptive rack PDU available.

With Liebert MPX adaptive technology, you can economically increase availability of critical systems by leveraging hot-swappable modular power and managing power all the way to the receptacle level.

Liebert MPX Benefits:
• Adaptive capacity, distribution, monitoring, control and management of critical devices
• Flexibility to respond to constant change
• Buy only what you need and build on your investment
• Secure communication
Reconfigurable Power Capacity & Distribution
Liebert MPX is the perfect choice to respond to the needs of a growing data center. Relocate or add IT equipment to support changing needs, by easily reconfiguring the power input and distribution.
Designed for Critical Environments
• Industry leading operating temperature – up to 55 °C / 131 °F to support
  hot internal rack environments
• Accurate power metering of +/-1% voltage & current for assured oversight
• Energy and power metering down to the individual receptacle
• Comprehensive alarming including notification of overloaded branch circuits
• Environmental sensing with threshold and alarm set-points
• Notification on the loss or removal of individual rack equipment loads
Fits Needs Now And Later
Liebert MPX provides a wide selection of single phase and three-phase power
input configurations – with the ability to field change while maintaining distribution infrastructure.
Perfect For Blade Servers And Changing Environments
Data centers are moving to high density blade servers to utilize more processing power in less rack space, simplify cabling and reduced power consumption. Liebert MPX allows the data center to respond quickly to change, making it the right choice to manage the infrastructure.
Liebert MPX: Hot-Swappable Power Output & Reconfigurable Power Input
Liebert MPX allows you to add or change distributed power without powering down. The hot-swappable receptacle modules allow for easy upgrading, and get IT equipment online quickly. Change input power configuration to support dynamic environments while maintaining distribution and communications infrastructure.
Adaptive Rack PDU
Liebert MPX is an adaptive Rack PDU system that provides AC input power, output distribution, and critical IT quality performance via its scalable, modular architecture.


• Allows user to add individual hot-swappable modules for capacity as demand grows
• Offers the ability to change input capacity or configuration while maintaining
  Rack PDU infrastructure
• Provides for user located local and remote monitoring and management of
  connected loads
• Change monitoring and control functionality or mix on a single MPX to suit
• Position input power module for top or bottom rack entrance.
Higher Availability
• Controls and manages individual receptacles and or groups of loads and devices
• Predicts overcurrent conditions before they become critical
• Shuts down non-essential equipment during power outages to maximize availability
  and back-up power
• Expanded branch overload protection minimizes threat of cascading PDU overload
• Reliably delivers connected UPS power to the protected equipment

Adaptive Power Distribution In The Data Center

A step towards the future with Emerson Network Power

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