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Liebert MPH Managed Rack Power Distribution Unit

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Liebert MPH is a flexible Rack PDU solution with remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as environmental input options. It offers multiple power input selections and output configurations in both vertical zero-U and rackmount form factors. Up to four Liebert MPH PDUs may be interconnected as a Rack PDU Array™, consolidating user IP connections and device monitoring.
Liebert MPH Monitoring And Control Support
Monitored electrical parameters include: voltage, current, real and apparent power, power factor, and accumulated energy or consumption. Capacity based current thresholds provide comprehensive alarm notifications from the Rack PDU and branch.
Liebert MPH Can Benefit Your Data Center
• Monitors electrical and environmental parameters with set threshold and alarm tools
• Controls access of receptacle power
• Controls and manages individual receptacles and/or groups of loads and devices
• Allows you to predict failing conditions before they occur and proactively

20 to 30 amp (NA); 16 to 32 amp (EU); single and three phase

Modular card-based communications and display
Add connectivity with basic rack PDU expansion unit

Receptacle level

Secure Web/SNMP Interfaces
Liebert Nform
Liebert SiteScan Web

Array Single IP for up to 4 Rack PDU’s
Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH on same private network

Single phase NEMA 5-20R, IEC-C13 & IEC-C19 ; Combination systems

Branch and aggregate Rack PDU
Environmental sensors – Temperature & humidity

User located display

Breaker per branch as required
Hydraulic-Magnetic breaker

Vertical mount (Zero U) Rackmount


• Local displays are easily located to suit a crowded and changing rack environment
• Supports mounting in 19” EIA, 42U rack environments — Offered in vertical, zero U and rackmount form factors
• Provides a compatible monitoring platform for Liebert MPH and Liebert MPX, offering seamless common operation if deployed together
• User positioned input power cord interface
Higher Availability
• Controls and manages individual receptacles
• Predicts overcurrent conditions before they become critical
• Shuts down non-essential equipment during power outages to maximize availability and back-up power
• Expanded branch overload protection minimizes threat of cascading PDU overload
• Industry leading operating temperature—up to 55˚C / 131˚F to support hot Internal rack environments
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
• Provides full featured monitoring and control in a cost effective package
• A Rack PDU Array shares a single IP address for up to four Rack PDUs, making deployment faster and easier
• Energy and power metering provides users the information to maximize the data center power and cooling infrastructure
• Employs energy efficient receptacle control technology

Adaptive Power Distribution In The Data Center

A step towards the future with Emerson Network Power

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