DI-STRIP Euro Socket System IEC 320 with Cable plus Right Angle Plug

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Knürr DI-STRIP® Euro Socket System IEC320 Elementary
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Knürr DI-STRIP® Euro Socket System IEC 320 With Cable And Right Angle Plug

Emerson Network Power > INDIA > Products > By Type > Racks and Integrated Solutions > Power Distribution Units > Basic Rack PDUs > Knürr DI-STRIP® Euro Socket System IEC 320 Elementary

Knürr's Basic Rack PDUs are the solution for every data center looking for robust, economical and flexible rack concepts.

For power distribution the Knürr DI-STRIP® product family meets the requirements of numerous IT applications and other areas.
Specially configured for the growing number of electronic components in network switching racks of server racks. Available with different accessories, such as circuit breakers, surge protection, mains filter, master-slave function, emergency off button, fault current circuit breaker, local and remote power measurement, for example.


- Optionally with lit switch, 2-pole switching
- 19” installation option
- With 3-way Euro combinations of IEC 320 sockets
- Cable: H05VV-F 3G 1.5 mm²
- Cable: 2.5 m
- Moulded right angle plug, CEE7/VII
- Without fuse protection

Material / Finish
Casing: closed sheet steel extrusion, zincplated, powder-coated texture
Plastic parts: Vampamid 6 0024 VO (UL94), recyclable

Socket spacing: 24 mm
Height: 45.5 mm
Casing width: 44.4 mm (= 1 HU)

- CE Label in accordance with low voltage directive
  2006/95/EEC EMC Directive 2006/108/EEC
- Innova-GS
- CB-scheme

Casing: RAL 7035 light-grey
Plastic parts: RAL 7021 dark-grey

Load rating
250 VAC/10 A

Approval symbols for IEC 320 3-way Euro combinations


Supply schedule

1 socket strip
2 mounting brackets
2 19” mounting brackets (additional with 19” installation option)


Highest possible security and availability with:
• Closed sheet steel extrusion, which means high stability and torsional strength.
• Extensive certification in acc. with international standard.
• Double spring contacts for shock hazard-proof and low contact resistance.
• Unbalanced load monitoring with 3-phase feed prevents overload on the feed cable (only DI-STRIP versions M and RM).
• Optimum load monitoring with installation of the servers (only DI-STRIP versions M and RM).
• Individual outputs backup with the DI-STRIP BladePower and Pizza Power.

Maximum flexibility with:
• Configurations and options with international compatibility.
• 2.5 m or 4 m long mains cable for more spatial flexibility.
• Rotating display in 90° steps (only DI-STRIP versions M and RM).
• Tool-less installation, which means quick and easy extension in the rack (only DI-STRIP HighPower).

Extremely low operating costs with:
• Quick and easy installation on the rack requires minimum space and shorter installation time.
• Automatic background light reduction extends the display's service life and reduces the rack PDU power loss (only DI-STRIP models M and RM).
• Especially flat housing extrusion, providing full accessibility to the 19" level with 600 mm wide server racks.