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ASCO Three-Source System

The ASCO Three-Source Systems are similar to ASCO Two-Source Systems except that a second alternate power source is added to back up the first if that power source fails. Upon the loss of the utility power source, the system provides all necessary controls to start both alternate power sources. The critical loads are automatically transferred to the first alternate power source that achieves acceptable voltage and frequency. The second alternate power source is then automatically shutdown after a time delay and cooldown period.
If the first alternate power source fails, the second alternative power source will be automatically re-started and the load will be transferred from the first alternative power source to the second alternative power source. When the normal power is restored, the controls automatically retransfer the load to the utility power source.
Product Features

  • Control logic for selecting between the alternative power sources
  • Normal, emergency, and/or load circuit breakers
  • Protective relaying (as required)
  • Optional instrument meters for normal, emergency, or load for local monitoring
  • Designs are based on NEMA and UL 891 standards
  • Optional engine start control logic and/or load control logic
  • Available up through 4000 amperes using ASCO 7000 series automatic transfer switches. 7ATS, 7ATB, 7ACTS and 7ACTB
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