Trellis Platform Express Edition

™ Platform Express Edition

The Trellis™ Platform Express Edition is a bundled offering of existing functionality that is pre-configured to customer requirements and will provide new and existing customers the ability to choose from two offerings: 1) Trellis™ Facility Manager Express and 2) Trellis™ Inventory Manager Express.

The Trellis™ Facility Manager Express is a bundled package of the current Trellis™ Site Manager, Avocent® Universal Management Gateway appliance and Avocent® Professional Services. There are two options for the Trellis™ Facility Manager Express: one, for tracking and monitoring up to 10 floor-mounted devices (FMDs) and the other, for up to 25 FMDs.

The Trellis™ Inventory Manager Express is a bundled package of the current Trellis™ Inventory Manager, Avocent® Professional Services and comes with a host server.


Trellis™ Facility Manager Express (10 FMDs) Trellis™ Facility Manager Express (25 FMDs)  Trellis™ Inventory Manager Express (40 FMDs)
Trellis™ Bundle SKU TX-SITE010-S2SC TX-SITE025-S2SD TX-INVN040-S0SB
Trellis™ License Bundle:
  • Trellis™ Platform Services
  • Trellis™ Site Manager
  • Trellis™ Inventory Manager
  • Licensed Racks/FMDs 10 25 40
    Avocent® Universal Management
    1 UMG2000 1 UMG2000 n/a
    Maintenance 1-Year Silver 1-Year Silver 1-Year Silver
    Trellis™ Host Server
    Professional Installation Creation and configuration of up to 10
    monitored devices*
    Creation and configuration of up to 25
    monitored devices*
    Creation of up to 6 IT rack element libraries, not to exceed 100 RMD symbols*
    *From the current Element Library catalog and as defined in the Emerson Network Power Services Terms and Conditions. Components
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